I practice witchcraft every day...

and I still see the benefits of it in my life, after all this time.

But when I started looking around at what was available, I realised that while the Northern Hemisphere has plenty of witchy, magic options if you want regular deliveries, down here in the Southern Hemisphere it was a different story.. we were on our own.

And yeah sure, it might work okay when you try to adapt things for the "down under" witch life, but it’s not the same as having something specialised for the Southern Hemisphere. Because what we need is totally different to what those Northern Hemisphere witches need.

So I created what I needed... 

and called it Antipodean Witch

A monthly delivery of witchy goodies that focuses on our seasons, sabbats and moons. There's a ritual focused box (the Antipodean Witch Box) and a learning focused box (The Witches Book and Brew Box).

Since launching in June 2018, I’ve helped hundreds of witches create their own practice that helps them feel more in control, have hope in their dark times and find a community.

And I’d love to share the magic with you!

Antipodean Witch Box

Starts at $39

Each month, you will receive a thoughtfully curated box of goodies with everything you need to enhance your practice with a moon ritual focused on a specific positive intention.

Book & Brew Box

Starts at $55

Every month you will receive a great new Witchy book, a complementary gourmet tea blend in a tea caddy, and 2-5 other small surprises.

Two Box Deal

Starts at $100

This box has the same contents as the regular Antipodean Witch Box & Witches Book & Brew Box, but instead of ziplock bags, we will use plastic-free packaging instead - glass jars, fabric bags, paper and other sustainable materials

Want to get witchy?

Join the group of 500+ witches who make the most of each moon and each month.