How It Works

Get a glimpse inside where the magic happens. 

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 Once you're a subscriber, you'll never be short on supplies or inspiration. The anticipation is palpable!

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Be Delighted

Your box arrives, full of wonderful surprises, and you can't wait for the next months moons to begin. 

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Manifest your Destiny

As you progress through the month, you'll reap the rewards of a more focused and well supplied practice. 

Make the most of every moon. 

In the Antipodean Witch Box each month, you will receive a thoughtfully curated box of goodies with everything you need to enhance your practice with a moon ritual focused on a specific positive intention. The theme of each box will align with the season and the full moon for the upcoming month, and is tailored specifically to the needs of Southern Hemisphere witches. 

 The boxes will contain 10-20 items such as:

  • Altar tools and Witchy homewares
  • Magical Herbs and spell components
  • Wonderfully Witchy Jewellery and accessories 
  • Carefully chosen crystals/semi precious stones
  • A selection of hand-dipped/hand-poured candles
  • Ritual items such as Sacred Oils, Salt Blends, Mists, Perfumes
  • Sigils, Affirmations, Incantations and other resources from the Antipodean Witch Grimoire 
  • Smoke Cleansing items such as stick incense, incense cones, resins, herbal incense blends and/or smudge sticks
  • Of course each box will also be full of moonlight, starshine, delight, blessings, gleeful cackles, magic and lovely surprises.